FAQ 01 - Yes, all images are cropped and further adjusted to paper choice before printing
FAQ 02 - Yes, all images are post-processed before introduced to the gallery
FAQ 03 - Yes, all images must pass our review process before being post-processed
FAQ 04 - Yes, all images are printed on professional paper, whether matte, glossy, or luster
FAQ 05 - Yes, all images are available in a Black & White render
FAQ 06 - Yes, all images have a limited depth of field focus
FAQ 07 - Yes, all images are available in other sizes, just send us any special request
FAQ 08 - Yes, all images may be purchased in digital form as a medium compression jpg file format
FAQ 09 - Yes, I will consider price discounts for larger quantities of prints
FAQ 10 - Yes, there are a lot of images in the gallery, enjoy browsing through the albums
FAQ 11 -